Building Massachusetts Clean Energy Companies

The Fund’s focus on Massachusetts clean energy companies allows its investors an opportunity to capitalize on two emerging trends: the growing level of investment interest in clean energy and the importance of Massachusetts' academic and corporate R&D in forming clean energy technology companies.

The Fund invests in Massachusetts-based renewable energy companies able to achieve strong financial returns,  including solar photovoltaic power, wind power, biomass, biofuels, fuel cells, landfill gas, low-impact hydro, ocean and tidal power, energy storage, grid information technologies, and other enabling technologies that promote the expanded use of renewable energy. The Fund will also consider investment in renewable energy companies willing to relocate to Massachusetts or having substantial operations based in the state.

The Fund works closely with the Massachusetts Renewable Energy Trust, whose dual mission is to increase the state's production and use of renewable and clean energy  and to spur the development of the Massachusetts clean energy sector. 

The Fund’s objectives are:
to achieve strong venture capital returns for the Fund's investors through investment in promising renewable and clean energy companies in Massachusetts;
to assist individual entrepreneurs in the formation of renewable energy companies within the Commonwealth;
to help guide and shape the development of a clean energy technology cluster in Massachusetts 
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